The keys to enterprise

The keys to enterprise

Barcelona Activa

The challenge

Barcelona Activa has been accompanying and supporting entrepreneurial projects for many years. During the gestation period of a company it is important to know the skills and abilities of each of the members. We were invited to think about possible improvements in the diagnostic processes.


Creating a company represents a long way that involves maturing an idea to make it real. It is a teamwork, where each person must contribute with his or hers skills, either be directive, productive, commercial, creative or a long etc. That is why it is important to know and recognize oneself, seeking the complementarity of all the members of the team.

Industrial psychology has been devoted for years to study, train, select, supervise and apply methodologies in working environments in order to achieve maximum efficiency at work. Some of the diagnostic tools used to assess the strengths and weaknesses of workers have proven to be unsuccessful. Anyone undergoing a skill test tries to “hit” the most appropriate response, a natural attitude that is both misleading. This scenario changes radically when decision-making takes place on the fly, when we turn the test space into an experience.

“Users are immersed in an interactive film”

The proposal

The foundation of our proposal is to recreate real business day-to-day situations, recorded on video, including different reactions and responses. This way users are immersed in an interactive film that collects all their decisions and somehow generates their competency profile and an accurate diagnosis of their abilities, strengths and weaknesses.

The aim is clear, helping to detect the appropriate competencies of the different work profiles, getting to know the attitudes and entrepreneurial capacities of each individual to finally cross the data and evaluate the individual and team results.

At the core of our proposal is an evolutionary evaluation of each individual and the team as a whole, it is not only a question of obtaining a competency profile, but also of growing and learning, therefore support and improvement contents are provided.


An ambitious creation, an extensive and rigorous script, an interactive production of more than 3 hours generated with a team of 30 actors made in 7 languages, a stable JAVA development that allows to freely administrate the content and data generated, a tool exported to different countries in Europe and America. Barcelona Activa has become a local and international benchmark in supporting entrepreneurs.

“Creating a company represents a long way that involves maturing an idea to make it real.”

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